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This community is for the discussion of the works and philosophy of Nietzsche and how it specifically pertains to Thelema, Thelemic values, O.T.O., A∴A∴, and the practice of magick.

This is an unofficial forum, not sponsored or controlled by Ordo Templi Orientis or A∴A∴

"Nietzsche may be regarded as one of our prophets; to a much less extent, de Gobineau." —Crowley, Magick Without Tears

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Tyling: Do not make direct reference to the contents of any initiation rituals. Vague allusions may be permissible if they are vague enough that you would feel comfortable making them in public.

About Cross-Posting: please feel free to post relevant items from your own journal, or elsewhere. See above for an explanation of what kinds of posts are appropriate here.

IMPORTANT: Do not post:
  • rumors or unsupported allegations
  • debate/attacks on ideological grounds (e.g. labeling "Thelemic fundamentalist" or "bourgeois hippie")
  • personal attacks or criticisms of individuals (named or unnamed)
Repeated posts of this kind of material will cause you to be banned. This community is strictly moderated and you will lose your ability to post if you ignore guidance from maintainers. Therefore we strongly recommend that you check to make sure your posts are topical, friendly, and productive, and listen carefully if the maintainer(s) indicate that something is not appropriate for the community, and you will be fine.

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